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Welcome to my corner of the internet!

I'm Toby Ireland, a TEFL-accredited English language coach with a unique blend of experience in both English teaching and football coaching. Backed by a university degree in sports journalism, I've seamlessly transitioned into the world of online English education. With over a decade of dedicated one-to-one teaching experience, I'm here to guide you on your journey to English proficiency.


A little about me: I'm proud to call myself an Englishman, even though an interesting twist of fate had me born in the Netherlands. Nevertheless, my roots in Europe run deep, and it's from this rich cultural tapestry that I draw my inspiration. As a native English speaker, I embody the essence of the language, making your learning journey not only informative but culturally enriching as well.


My passion for languages and communication led me to pursue a TEFL accreditation, empowering me to provide top-notch language coaching. Having also spent considerable time as a football coach, I've honed my ability to inspire and motivate – skills that now play a vital role in my teaching methodology.


Education is central to my approach. With a university degree in sports journalism, I emphasise learning and sharing knowledge. This diverse background allows me to connect with learners from all walks of life, making our sessions engaging, relatable, and effective.


What sets me apart is my unwavering dedication to personalised learning. No two learners are the same, and I understand that. This is why I've specialised in one-to-one teaching. Tailoring each lesson to your specific needs, learning style, and goals is my priority. Whether you're looking to improve conversational English, enhance writing skills, or prepare for exams, I've got you covered.


My client base spans the globe, showcasing the power of the digital age. Regardless of your location, you can tap into my expertise and experience. Technology has made it possible for us to connect and embark on this English-learning journey together, no matter the distance.


Whether you're a professional seeking to enhance English communication in the business world or an individual aiming to build language skills for personal growth, I'm here to guide and support you every step of the way. Let's work together to unlock your full potential and make your English language goals a reality. Reach out and embark on this exciting journey of learning and growth with me.

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