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12 skill drills every young player should practice for 15 minutes every day...

Here are 12 skill drills that every young player should attempt to learn and use for at least 15 minutes every day if they want to raise their game to the next level. After all you get out what you put in!

Skill 1

Roll backwards with one foot and touch the other way with left foot, then reverse use of feet. Use two cones (with a distance of 5-10 meters apart) as guidance for shifting the ball side-side.

Skill 2

Toe taps moving around the ball in a circle

Skill 3

Touch with the inside of one foot, then touch with the outside of the other foot, then reverse...use the two cones as guidance.

Skill 4

The Neymar - roll the ball forward, then back, through the legs and hook around the back of the standing leg. Then do this using the other foot.

Skill 5

The Messi. Drop shoulder and shift the ball to one cone by dropping the shoulder and moving it the other way with the outside of the foot.

Skill 6

Roll back and two touches towards one cone, then reverse and use the other foot.

Skill 7

Cross over - step over the ball (outside the ball and back inside) without touching the ball. Use both feet and it should look like you are trying to copy your dad's dancing on a Saturday night 10 years ago!

Skill 8

Touch with outside of the foot and then put foot on top of the ball. Reverse using other foot.

Skill 9

Scissors without touching the ball, using two feet.

Skill 10

3 or 4 boxes before touching the ball away with the outside of the foot and then go other way with use of other foot.

Skill 11

Touch the ball using outside of foot, put foot on top of the ball and step over it - then reverse.

Skill 12

Lift the ball in the air and bring it down with a touch that makes the ball spin so that you can immediately run on to it.

Each of these skills should be performed for 30 seconds each and with a 15 second break between each. A video will be uploaded of me demonstrating these skills soon, in case some of the above descriptions are slightly confusing!

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