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Westbury Celtic U16 Defender scouted for Bromsgrove U18s in Midlands Floodlit League

I am delighted to post that regular Westbury Celtic U16 central defender James has pushed on to challenge himself to play in the Midland Floodlit League after getting scouted by Bromsgrove U18s. James was a key player for the U16s last season who finished joint second in the local Worcester Youth League, narrowly losing out on first place. James' ability and confidence to take on players from the backline and fantastic ability to maintain possession under pressure reflected the team's focus on playing good quality football through all phases of the pitch - fighting the traditional tendency to simply launch the ball forward when closed down. James will be tried at right back for his new team and I can only wish him all the luck in the world and hope he continues to play the great football he demonstrated so consistently for Westbury Celtic U 16s. He will be missed. In response, James' dad John thanked the coaching staff of Westbury Celtic U16s and was emotional in saying the team's philosophy and football ethics really allowed James to develop as a player. Not only that, he was particularly impressed by how he was man managed and allowed to feel he could contribute to the team by expressing his own ideas and opinions during both training and in matches. The U16s are to move in to the Warwickshire Youth U17s league this season and this will certainly prove a great challenge for the rest of team who have decided to stay with the likelihood of facing a number of good quality teams.

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