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Another good day at the Office

Football kicked off at 9am this morning run by myself, FA Level 2 Football Coach Toby Ireland, this time with local football team Rock getting involved in a 3 hour specialist football training session in the local area in Great Witley, Worcestershire. The boys were introduced to some new football skills by adding methods on how to change direction, Stopping and starting to get away from defenders and feints to beat opponents. For a lot of these boys, learning these new Coerver Skill based techniques was a first time and they took to it with aplomb. Although some of them found correctly performing the skill difficult at first, they gave them a real go, and I simplified them a little bit so as not to discourage the confidence of the players. Coerver skill training is all about helping to create more positive, creative and attacking players within the grassroots levels and I would recommend every football coach in the country to spend at least 10 minutes of each session on getting their players to practice them, whatever player age! Today's session was all about giving the boys match time, with a twist. We played two full 30 minute games and also tried out an attacking and defending drill. Two goals in a short area, with two teams ready and waiting on their respective side of the field behind the goal. Team 1's player passed the ball across to the opposition team player to create an instant 2 v 1 scenario with the initial passer turning in to a defender. The aim was for the attacking players to move the ball effectively around the defender to score. If the defender wins the ball back, he could score. Once play has completed, the roles of both teams were reversed. Can't wait for some more football tomorrow morning! Over and out! Toby.

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