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The Premier League is finally back

After 100 days of tortuous football absence and with the dreading proposition of the league being totally voided altogether, hope seemed to have disappeared. Worse still, with Liverpool being so excruciatingly close to winning the title, what was supposed to be a fantastic 2019/2020 season turned into big disappointment. Until now! It feels fantastic to see that football is finally back, even watching Man U. play again, but l think we all return with a greater sense of perspective in light of what the pandemic has done to us.

There has also been a growing sense of consideration that the slow return of grassroots youth football will come back soon too, judging by the greater online presence of football in FA advertising and the increasing (general) emails from the clubs and coaches I have been receiving, offering me with new session plans and coaching philosophies, and what to do under the shadow of the pandemic, and the difficulties this can cause when conducting training sessions.

Despite all that, I feel like a little kid again! Liverpool versus Everton in the Merseyside derby this Sunday... 'wheihei!' Life is good, so enjoy it! But don't forget about all the rest of the stuff - the bills need to be paid and the goldfish need to be fed and we need to think about how to return to the pitches in a sensible way and with player welfare at the center of our thoughts at all times.

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