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Team Testimonials


September 7th 2017

"Toby has been working with our U14 now U15 team for a short time. I had not met Toby before so didn't know what to expect at the first session. Toby's enthusiasm and ability to engage with the young players quickly became apparent.


The sessions often draw upon Toby's experiences of professionally run academies, which helps ensure that the young players from the community can aspire to develop and refine their skills in line with professional coaching methodologies. At the same time, sessions are pitched at the right level and always promote an enquiry based learning style where the young players are encouraged to think for themselves, participate in 2 way discussions and take ownership of their play.


We are now working with Toby on a regular basis which I believe will be of great benefit to both myself and all the young players, supporting our aspiration not solely to win; but to create confident, intelligent and expressive players.


Thanks, Antonio Ciriello"







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