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What they say about Toby...


Jack: (in his own words) ‘Toby's the best coach ever, he's always happy and smiley and it's so much fun’.

Julia: ‘From a parent's perspective, Toby is everything you would hope a football coach to be. He is so patient with youngsters and they find his coaching absorbing, interesting and above all fun, whilst learning new skills and building confidence too. Our son has come on leaps and bounds since we started and he can't wait to go along each Saturday, and that's thanks to Toby. He's an amazing coach. We would recommend him to any parent with a child who they think might like football, you won't find a more engaging coach.’

Toby has coached my son for 2 years now in group and 1-2-1sessions. As a uefa b and academy coach who wanted his son to have a different voice I have to say how outstanding Toby is. Toby has the unique ability to produce sessions that improve players technically and to keep a keen interest throughout the session. Toby's knowledge of the game and the understanding to adapt sessions to each individual or group is second to none and I have no doubt that we will continue sessions with Toby for years to come.

Martin Tully

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