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Case Study: Mason Cotteril, 5 years old.

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This was the second session with Mason and there are signs he is improving already, however we need to work on his attention skills. By doing so, he has the potential to develop in to a good player. My challenge is to keep finding ways of consistently getting the best out of players, while keeping it as fun as possible at the same time. Not always the easiest task!

I decided to focus on passing, skill development and shooting. The passing drill went most successfully. Compared to the previous session - he had improved here - moving appropriately for the most part to different gates, calling for the ball and taking a touch before passing! The shooting drill also went well, and Mason did demonstrate good decision-making, and accuracy in shots.

His shooting still remains very weak, but at the tender age of 5, the strength in his legs necessary for kicking has yet to come with age. I focused on getting him to use the right technique by striking the ball using the top of the foot or the laces in order to create more power.

For one of the drills, Mason was asked to dribble through the red cones, then was asked to choose one of two gates to dribble through before shooting at goal immediately. Accuracy was good!

It will be interesting to see in the next 2-3 sessions how he gets on and in what departments he hopefully will develop.

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