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Future ideas to explore and convey to the players...

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  • Can we give a little bit more? Let's have a positive attitude and think about our next pass.

  • Can we get an excellent first touch to keep possession for our team.

  • Can we aim to push ourselves that little bit more for just an hour? We can mess about afterwards.

  • Can we practice our skills when we're waiting?

  • Can we sprint to the ball when it goes out instead of walking?

  • Can we sprint to get back and tackle?

  • Can we make the simple pass instead of Hollywood, because the best players do simple things well?

  • Can we think about our next pass before we get the ball.

  • Can we think about the runs we're getting.

  • Can we think about giving a little more? Just for an hour. Example. Fernando Torres. Look up Swindon players et al.

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