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Former Bristol City Academy Footballer Toby Ireland is joining forces with a current Birmingham City Academy graduate to run a top quality football Holiday Camp at the lovely Bayton Primary School near Kidderminster.

Toby is now an FA Level 2 Coach and also works as lunchtime sports co-ordinator. He is also football Coach for the Primary School. “I have run a number of excellent holiday Camps working with very good up and coming coaches as well as former footballers turned coaches. The Camps are designed to be fun, engaging and allow children to learn in a fun and safe environment. If it does rain we always have the option of running football related activities indoors as well, but hopefully this won’t happen.”

Children as young as 5 are allowed to sign on (both girls and boys) and players up to the age of 11 years can attend as well. If there is a mix in ages the groups are usually separated among the two or three coaches so that the players benefit the most from participating in their age bracket range. Parents are of course welcome to attend, watch and even help out if they feel up to it!

At the Camps we run a number of originally thought up fun games, football activities, penalty shoot outs, cross bar challenges, ‘coerver’ inspired skill development sessions running challenges, football knowledge, health and diet awareness and much, much more. Please contact Toby on or 07412822564.

Lovely new head teacher Helen Hoarle will also be in attendance on school grounds to over-see things and to make sure things are running smoothly. I hope we can see your son or daughter at this half-term’s football holiday Camp!

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