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Winning and losing

First of all. I don't like losing. If it was down to me I would have a 100% win ration playing as well as coaching. Unfortunately things don't go this way and if we were so excellent all the time how on earth would we learn from our mistakes? Unfortunately our U18s lost 2-0 versus Bromsgrove Sporting in the semi-finals of the local youth cup. I will admit that going in to 2018 it has been a disruptive year of football due to the bad weather conditions and therefore the preparation for this game was poor. I don't say this often, but Bromsgrove were deserved winners, but I still think with a little bit more effort on our part we could have gone away victors. Poor communication between two of our defenders and goalkeeper in failing to attempt to clear a simple ball over the top led to a penalty and Bromsgrove followed this up with a snatch and grab winning second goal. We can do better.

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